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Next generation retail

Next generation retail
how to use new technology to innovate for the future

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  • Editorial: Kogan Page Ltd.
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Forge deeper and more meaningful connections with consumers and embrace the latest opportunities occurring across the physical and digital retail landscape to become more adaptable, resilient and successful.

While change is a constant in retail, flux has accelerated in innovation, digital disruption and changing consumer demands and expectations. Written for both digital-first and physical retailers, Next Generation Retail describes how to respond to the needs and expectations of today's consumers and connect with Generations Z and Alpha in an authentic and relevant way. Highly practical in approach, it explores the latest opportunities and pitfalls to avoid for developments including the metaverse, livestream shopping, instant commerce, blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Next Generation Retail also describes how to create compelling content and retail media to drive commerce and monetize data while maintaining customer trust. Featuring original research and interviews with top industry experts, it contains examples and case studies from a range of brands and organizations including Lancôme, Burberry and Walmart. This is an essential resource for retailers of all sizes to adapt to and thrive in today's environment of breakneck change and innovation.

01 The changing nature of today's consumer
The Covid-19 pandemic shock
Consumer mindsets
Consumer behaviour
Consumer needs and demands
Key takeaways: Today's consumers
Addressing changing consumer demand
02 Unlocking the Metaverse for retailers
An introduction to the Metaverse
How retailers can tap into the Metaverse
Ten things retailers need to know about the Metaverse
Key takeaways: The Metaverse
03 The rise of livestream shopping The rise of livestreaming post-Covid
A profile of livestreaming success: China
The livestreaming ecosystem
Livestreaming consumer preferences
Livestreaming platforms
Types of livestream formats
Debunking myths about livestream shopping
Ten things retailers need to know about livestreaming
Key takeaways: Livestreaming
04 Quick commerce
Online grocery shopping surge underpins quick commerce demand
Instant commerce business models
Ten things retailers need to know about quick commerce
Key takeaways: Quick commerce
References 05 Advancing sustainability
The time for sustainability in retail is now
Navigating sustainability for retail
The fashion resale market
Ten things retailers need to know about sustainability
Key takeaways: Sustainability
06 Driving social commerce through compelling content
Social commerce trends in retail
The social commerce ecosystem
Social payments integration
Ten things retailers need to know about social commerce
Key takeaways: Social commerce
07 Creating retail media to monetize consumer traffic
The rise of retail media What is driving the adoption of retail media?
Ten things retailer need to know about retail media
Key takeaways: Retail media
08 Supply chain
The pandemic shock to supply chains
Achieving agility and resilience in sourcing
Partnering with innovators for supply chain optimization
Implications for brands and retailers
Artificial intelligence and the supply chain
Artificial intelligence applications in sourcing
The implications of AI in sourcing for brands and retailers
Ten things retailers need to know about supply chain Key takeaways: Supply chain optimization
09 To NFT or not?
The NFT digital collectible market
Background: The development of NFTs
Advantages of NFTs in the Metaverse
The underlying technologies behind NFTs
What retailers should know about NFTs
Implications of NFTs for retailers
Ten things retailers need to know about NFTs
Key takeaways: NFTs for retailers
10 Bringing blockchain to retail
Metaverse and blockchain
Blockchain and transactions
Blockchain's underlying technology
Joining blockchain-based virtual games


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