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The Cambridge history of philosophy in the Nineteenth Century (1790–1870)

The Cambridge history of philosophy in the Nineteenth Century (1790–1870)

  • ISBN: 9781108450799
  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press
  • Lugar de la edición: Cambridge. Reino Unido
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Medidas: 23 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 992
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The latest volume in the Cambridge Histories of Philosophy series, The Cambridge History of Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century (1790–1870) brings together twenty-nine leading experts in the field and covers the years 1790–1870. Their twenty-eight chapters provide a comprehensive survey of the period, organizing the material topically. After a brief editor's introduction, the book begins with three chapters surveying the background of nineteenth-century philosophy: followed by two on logic and mathematics, two on nature and natural science, five on mind and language (including psychology, the human sciences and aesthetics), four on ethics, three on religion, seven on society (including chapters on the French Revolution, the decline of natural right, political economy and social discontent), and three on history, which deal with historical method, speculative theories of history and the history of philosophy.

-Brings together twenty-nine leading experts in the field.
-Includes twenty-eight chapters that together provide a comprehensive survey of the period from 1790 to 1870, with the material organized topically.
-Includes an editor's introduction and a comprehensive research bibliography.

Part I. Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century:
1. The Kantian aftermath: reaction and revolution in German philosophy Robert Pippin
2. The social conditions of philosophy in the nineteenth century Terry Pinkard
3. The unity of reason and the diversity of life: the idea of a system in Kant and nineteenth-century philosophy Rolf-Peter Horstmann
Part II. Logic and Mathematics:
4. Attempts to rethink logic Jeremy Heis
5. Some developments in the philosophy of mathematics, 1790–1870 Janet Folina
Part III. Nature:
6. Conceptions of the natural worlds, 1790–1870 Alexander Rueger
7. Natural sciences Philippe Huneman
Part IV. Mind, Language, and Culture:
8. Psychology Gary Hatfield
9. Language Michael N. Forster
10. The emergence of the human sciences from the moral sciences Rudolf Makkreel
11. The beautiful and the good: aesthetics, 1790–1870 Paul Guyer
Part V. Ethics:
12. Autonomy and the self as the basis of morality Bernard Reginster
13. Ethics and the social good John Skorupski
14. Moral epistemology Jerome B. Schneewind and Allen W. Wood
15. Antimoralism Allen W. Wood
Part VI. Religion:
16. Challenges to religion in the nineteenth century Van A. Harvey
17. Three types of speculative religion Stephen Crites
18. The defense of traditional religion, 1790–1870 James C. Livingston
Part VII. Society:
19. Philosophical responses to the French Revolution Frederick C. Beiser and Pamela Edwards
20. The decline of natural right Jeremy Waldron
21. Conceptions of society in nineteenth-century social thought Frederick Neuhouser
22. Nineteenth-century political economy Debra Satz
23. The nation state Erica Benner
24. Nineteenth-century ideals: self-culture and the religion of humanity Daniel Brudney
25. Social dissatisfaction and social change Christine Blaettler
Part VIII. History:
26. Philosophizing about history: the method of Zusammenhang Laurence Dickey
27. Philosophy of history: the German tradition from Herder to Marx John Zammito
28. The history of philosophy Michael N. Forster.


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