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Social Europe
living standars and welfare states

  • ISBN: 9781843766766
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Social Europe analyses the diverse dynamics of the lives of people across Europe. It is the first quantitative analysis of its kind to make a systematic comparison of life chances across the fifteen countries of the EU. This wide perspective enables the researchers to illustrate how social policy regimes interact with personal resources and circumstances to affect people#s well-being. Assessing changes in individuals# lives over time, the study highlights variations in life-opportunities across the EU in the key domains of family, employment and income. The research is based on a new and powerful survey that has followed a large sample of families in each country over a period of years. This #longitudinal# approach provides insights into the processes by which people acquire their social positions over time. The analysis identifies systematic differences between countries, and looks for explanations in terms of the welfare regime or other characteristics of the countries concerned. Thus the #micro# dynamics of personal experience are related to #macro# trends in institutions and policies, social norms and economic conditions.

Eds. Richard Berthoud, Maria Iacovou


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