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 Perspectives on the history of ancient Near Eastern studies

Perspectives on the history of ancient Near Eastern studies

  • ISBN: 9781646022434
  • Editorial: Eisenbrauns
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The present volume collects eighteen essays exploring the history of ancient Near Eastern studies. Combining diverse approaches-synthetic and analytic, diachronic and transnational-this collection offers critical reflections on the who, why, and how of this cluster of fields. How have political contexts determined the conduct of research? How do academic agendas reflect larger social, economic, and cultural interests? How have schools of thought and intellectual traditions configured, and sometimes predetermined, the study of the ancient Near East? Contributions treating research during the Nazi and fascist periods examine the interpenetration of academic work with politics, while contributions dealing with specific national contexts disclose fresh perspectives on individual scholars as well as the conditions and institutions in which they worked. Particular attention is given to scholarship in countries such as Turkey, Portugal, Iran, China, and Spain, which have hitherto been marginal to historiographic accounts of ancient Near Eastern studies.

In addition to the editors, the contributors are Selim Ferru Adali, Silvia Alaura, Isabel Almeida, Petr Charvát, Parsa Daneshmand, Eva von Dassow, Hakan Erol, Sebastian Fink, Jakob Flygare, Pietro Giammellaro, Carlos Gonçalves, Katrien de Graef, Steven W. Holloway, Ahmed Fatima Kzzo, Changyu Liu, Patrick Maxime Michel, Emanuel Pfoh, Jitka Sýkorová, Ludek Vacìn, and Jordi Vidal.

Introduction: Perspectives on the History of Ancient Near Eastern Studies: An IntroductionLorenzo VERDERAME / Agnès GARCIA-VENTURA
Part I. The Edge of the Abyss: the Study of Antiquity under the Totalitarism Threat
1. Hittite Studies at the Crossroads: Albrecht Goetze’s and Hans Gustav Güterbock’s Flight from Nazi GermanySilvia ALAURA
2. Language and Race in Assyriology: from Benno Landsberger to Wolfram von SodenSebastian FINK
3. Assyriology in Nazi Germany: the Case of Wolfram von SodenJakob FLYGARE
4. Carthage the Deceitful and Perfidius Albion: the Phoenicians and the British in Fascist ItalyPietro GIAMMELLARO
5. The sharing out of Antiquities in Syria during the Interwar Period: Sir Leonard Woolley’s Excavation at Tell Sheikh Yusuf (Al Mina).Patrick Maxime MICHEL
6. “Die Assyriologie nicht weiter unberücksichtigt bleiben dürfte…”: On the (Non-)Existence of Assyriology at the German University in Prague (1908–1945)Ludìk VACÍN / Jitka SÝKOROVÁ

Part II. Intellectual History and Ancient Near Eastern Studies: some Case Studies
7. Notes on the History of the Historiography of Cuneiform MathematicsCarlos GONÇALVES
8. Feudalism and Vassalage in Twentieth-Century AssyriologyEmanuel PFOH
9. Nation-building in the Plain of Antioch, from Hatti to HatayEva VON DASSOW

Part III. From our Stories to the History of Ancient Near Eastern Studies
10. The Historiography of Assyriology in Turkey: A Short SurveySelim Ferruh ADALI / Hakan EROL
11. Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Portuguese Academia: a Love-affair under ConstructionIsabel ALMEIDA
12. Near Eastern Archaeology and the Czech-speaking LandsPetr CHARVÁT
13. Tintin in Mesopotamia. The Story of Belgian Assyriology (1890-2017)Katrien DE GRAEF
14. Assyriology in Iran?Parsa DANESHMAND
15. Assyriology in ChinaChangyu LIU
16. Looking for a Tell. The Beginnings of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of BarcelonaJordi VIDALPart IV. Current Prospectives, Future Perspectives
17. Big Data, Big Deal: Use of Google Books Ngram Viewer and JSTOR Data for Research for Charting the Rise of AssyriologySteven W. HOLLOWAY
18. The Future of the Past. How the Past Contributes to the Construction of Syrian National IdentityAhmed Fatima KZZONotes on ContributorsIndex of Authors


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