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Corporate social responsibility in Europe

Corporate social responsibility in Europe
rhetoric and realities

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Eds. Regine Barth, Franziska Wolff. CONTENTS: Foreword Pt. I Analytical Framework 1 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Impact: Opening up the Arena by Regine Barth and Franziska Wolff 2 A Framework for Assessing the Sustainability Impact of CSR by Jon Birger Skjaeseth and Jorgen Wettestad 3 A Framework for Explaining the Sustainability Impact of CSR by Federica Vigano and Franziska Wolff and Daniele Nicolai Pt. II Mapping Csr: Survey Data on Selected Issues in Four Sectors 4 Introduction to the Surveys by Katharina Schmitt 5 CSR in the European Oil Sector: A Mapping of Company Perceptions by Elin Lerum Boasson and Jorgen Wettestad and Maria Bohn 6 CSR in the European Fish Processing Industry: Not Just Fishing for Compliments by Katharina Schmitt and Franziska Wolff 7 CSR in the European Banking Sector: Evidence from a Survey by Federica Vigano and Daniele Nicolai 8 Driving on CSR: SMEs in the Automotive Supply Chain by Tamas Palvolgyi and Janos Szlavik and Noemi Csigene Nagypal and Miklos Fule and Maria Csete 9 CSR Practices Across Four Sectors: A Synthesis of the Surveys by Katharina Schmitt Pt. III Assessing and Explaining the Sustainability Impact of Csr: Case Study Findings 10 Standardized CSR and Climate Performance: Why is Shell Willing, but Hydro Reluctant? by Elin Lerum Boasson and Jorgen Wettestad 11 In Hunt for Sustainable Seafood: Sustainability Effects of CSR in three Fish Processing Companies by Franziska Wolff and Katharina Schmitt 12 CSR for Gender Equality: A New Approach for Dealing with Long- Standing Inequalities? Insights from Two Banks by Irmgard Schultz 13 Banking on Integrity: CSR Helps Counter Bribery and Money Laundering in Two Banks by Peter Wilkinson 14 CSR Effects Across Four Issue Areas: A Synthesis of the Case Studies by Franziska Wolff More...

Eds. Regine Barth, Franziska Wolff


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