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What you don't know about leadership, but probably should

What you don't know about leadership, but probably should

  • ISBN: 9780190620820
  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
  • Lugar de la edición: New York. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
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  • Nº Pág.: 326
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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It is commonplace that counselors, therapists, teachers, business leaders, executives, coaches, and other helping professionals — specifically trained in group leadership — often fail to apply their knowledge and skills to settings in which they might matter most. The same practitioners who guide others may not be able to put that background to work when they find themselves supervising peers, leading meetings, or even managing conflict at the dinner table. What You Don't Know about Leadership, but Probably Should discusses ways that leadership skills and interventions can operate throughout daily life. Applications from group therapy and systemic intervention models will be applied to the realities that people face every day — inspiring others, facilitating meetings, running social events, guiding conversations, and empowering others. This text uniquely integrates the latest research, theory, concepts, and skills into a model that applies these ideas to every aspect of daily life. The author draws not only from the extensive literature in group dynamics, counseling, and psychology, but also includes insights from business leaders gleaned from over a dozen interviews he conducted.

Part I: The Nature of Group Behavior at Work and Play
1: Interpersonal Patterns Past and Present
2: What Most People Don't Seem to Know About Groups and How People Change
3: Stages of Group Process and Evolution
Part II: How Leaders Try-and Usually Fail to Make a Difference
4: Really, Really Bad Leadership and What We Learn From Our Mistakes
5: Models of Leadership That Can Be Adapted
6: A Few Simple Things That Make All the Difference
7: It's Not About the Agenda, It's All About Relationships
Part III: Skills and Interventions
8: Leadership Skills and Strategies That Don't Rely on Authority and Power
9: Some Very Advanced Leadership Skills
10: Leaders Tell Inspiring Stories
11: Critical Incidents That Leaders Fail to Recognize and Handle Effectively
Part IV: Applications to Daily Life
12: Leadership Within Social, Family, and Community Life
13: Talking to Larger Groups Without Boring Them to Death
14: It's Not Just About What You Do, But Who You Are


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