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Trade in knowledge

Trade in knowledge
intellectual property, trade and development in a transformed global economy

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  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press
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Technological change has transformed the ways knowledge is developed and shared internationally. Accordingly, in the quarter-century since the WTO was established, and since its Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights came into force, both the knowledge dimension of trade and the functioning of the IP system have been radically transformed. The need to understand and respond to this change has placed knowledge at the centre of policy debates about economic and social development. Recognizing the need for modern analytical tools to support policymakers and analysts, this publication draws together contributions from a diverse range of scholars and analysts. Together, they offer a fresh understanding of what it means to trade in knowledge in today's technological and commercial environment. The publication offers insights into the prospects for knowledge-based development and ideas for updated systems of governance that promote the creation and sharing of the benefits of knowledge.

1. Thematic overview: Charting the evolution of knowledge flows Antony Taubman and Jayashree Watal
Part I. Conceptual framework:
2. The shifting contours of trade in knowledge: the new 'trade-related aspects' of intellectual Property Antony Taubman
3. How digitization is transforming trade Lee Tuthill, Antonia Carzaniga and Martin Roy
4. Intellectual property and digital trade -mapping international regulatory responses to emerging issues Wolf R. Meier-Ewert and Jorge Gutierrez
Part II. Measuring trade in knowledge:
5. Measuring international intellectual property transactions in a globalized world: current challenges and possible improvements Joscelyn Magdeleine and Andreas Maurer
6. A missing link in the analysis of global value chains: Cross-border flows of intangible assets, taxation and related measurement implications Thomas Neubig and Sacha Wunsch-Vincent
7. Global ebbs and flows of patent knowledge Andrew W. Torrance, Jevin D. West, and Lisa C. Friedman
8. Sources of knowledge flow between developed and developing countries Laurie Ciaramella, Gaétan De Rassenfosse and Florian Seliger
9. Using intellectual property data to measure cross-border knowledge flows Jacob Dubbert, Alexander V. Giczy, Nicholas Pairolero and Andrew A. Toole
10. The Global Digital Content Landscape Erick Oh
11. Cross-border knowledge flows through R&D FDI: Implications for LMMICs Vito Amendolagine, Cristina Chaminade, José Guimón and Roberta Rabellotti
12. The innovation environment and knowledge diffusion: improving policy decisions through patent analytics Holger Ernst, Carsten C. Guderian and Marco Richter
Part III. Impact of knowledge flows on trade and development:
13. Global knowledge flows, absorptive capacity, and capability acquisition: old ideas, recent evidence, and new approaches Lee Branstetter and Keith E. Maskus
14. Trade in intellectual property-intensive goods Mercedes Delgado and Margaret Kyle
15. Knowledge spillovers through international supply chains Roberta Piermartini and Stela Rubínová
16. How do patents shape global value chains? International and domestic patenting and value-added Trade Nikolas J. Zolas and Travis J. Lybbert
17. The enforcement of intellectual property rights in a digital Era Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang
18. The digital creative economy and blockchains: options and prospects for the developing world Keith Nurse, Erica Smith, Kayla Grant and Alicia Shepherd
Part IV. Policy, regulatory and legislative frameworks
19. Streaming of music and audiovisual works Mary Lafrance
20. Adapting trade rules for the age of big data Mira Burri
21. Trade in knowledge and cross-border data flows: a look at emerging digital regulatory issues Nigel Cory
22. Cross-border knowledge flows under international trade agreements: a need for new multilateral disciplines? Lucas Spadano and Luiza Tângari Coelho
23. The need for a global framework for knowledge transactions: cross border licensing and enforcement Jacques de Werra and Jeff C. Dodd
24. Fitting machine-generated data into trade regulatory holes Peter K. Yu
25. Looking forward Antony Taubman.


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