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The library of essays on antitrust and competition Law

The library of essays on antitrust and competition Law

  • ISBN: 9780754629115
  • Editorial: Ashgate Publishing Limited
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Antitrust and competition law have grown dramatically in importance and significance over the last fifty years. US antitrust law has been the principal source of inspiration for jurisdictions wishing to introduce regulation to control cartels and monopolization, and antitrust regulation has now been adopted in more than 120 countries. The significance of this 'new' field of law continues to grow as more and more antitrust cases are brought to the courts in Europe and the US, and with operators becoming increasingly inventive.

Each of the three volumes focuses on a distinct area of economic activity affected by antitrust law: cartels and anti-competitive agreements; dominance and monopolization; and mergers and acquisitions. The selected essays cover the legal, economic and policy issues relating to attempts to regulate competition and provide insight into legal issues which have proven to be particularly relevant and contentious over the years.

This series brings together the best of the extensive literature that has been published in this fast-moving field in recent years, and is an invaluable resource for both students and lecturers.

Contains: Vol.I: Cartels and anti-competitive agreements/ Sandra Marco Colino .- VolII:Dominance and monopolization/ Rosa Greaves .- Vol.III: Merges and acquisitions/ Jonathan Galloway.


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