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The digital challenge for libraries
understanding the culture and technology of total information

  • ISBN: 9780595350698
  • Editorial: Iuniverse.com
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  • Medidas: 23 cm
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  • Idiomas: Inglés

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Public and university libraries are at a crossroads, hard-pressed by competition from Internet search engines, declining budgets and changes in popular culture. Libraries must respond aggressively. Otherwise they will be marginalized by the impact of digital technology on their traditional customer base. Author Ralph Blanchard, drawing on twenty years of experience as an information services entrepreneur, argues that it is irresponsible for librarians to simply turn academic tasks over to search engines, as many do. Instead, libraries should expand digital services and, using the tactics and strategies of successful for-profit information service businesses, reconnect with their customers by promoting themselves as 21st Century information experts. Topics in this wide-ranging study include: The library as a service business Change, risk and unintended consequences The Internet search engine business model Problems with students using search engines The evolution of "ambient information" Music and information technology "Millennials" as library customers Hiring and training library information workers Push and viral marketing strategies for libraries The Digital Challenge for Libraries calls for new initiatives by librarians and for a rekindling of interest in the vital role libraries play in an informed, prosperous and democratic society.


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