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Shadow banking within and across national borders

Shadow banking within and across national borders

  • ISBN: 9789814602709
  • Editorial: World Scientific Publishing Ltd.
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Generally thought to be an under-regulated sector, the shadow banking system has been identified as having a significant role in the recent global financial crisis. In recent years, it has also been growing rapidly in emerging markets. Yet, little is known about its size, scope and operations; nor its benefits and costs to society. Shadow Banking Within and Across National Borders consists of a proceedings of a conference held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, in November 2013. Edited by Stijn Claessens, Douglas Evanoff, George Kaufman and Luc Laeven, this volume brings together leading industry scholars to examine various aspects of the shadow banking system. The contributors of this volume debate issues which include defining and quantifying shadow banking; the causes of the development of the sector; its role in the recent financial crisis; the implications for financial stability; the social benefits of the sector; the associated challenges for financial supervision and regulation; and alternative policy options to address problems created by the sector.

Eds. Stijn Claessens...[et al].


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