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Rethinking copyright

Rethinking copyright
history, theory, language

  • ISBN: 9781845422820
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#Two books in one, the first half of this manifesto offers a contrarian account of 18th- and 19th-century English copyright history; the second contributes to the burgeoning rhetoric of the public domain in contemporary copyright scholarship. Deazley contends that, contrary to the common wisdom, common law copyright never existed in the 18th- century, but was a concerted creation of 19th-century treatise writers. He may not convince us that common law copyright was a myth, but he does compellingly demonstrate that, like the mythical giant Antaeus, whenever common law copyright seemed beaten down to the ground, it rose again with renewed force. He also persuades us that it may be a Herculean task to strangle the life out of the impulse, historical or otherwise, to believe that authors# labors justify the contemporary default setting of the positive law in favor of proprietary rights. The second half, calling for reconceptualization of copyright as a derogation from the "public#s freedom to engage with" works of authorship will surely provoke disagreement from many readers knowledgeable about copyright, but Deazley is an apt expositor of this increasingly popular trend in the legal academy.# # Jane C. Ginsburg, Columbia University School of Law.


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