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Problems and proposals regarding the Common European Asylum System

Problems and proposals regarding the Common European Asylum System
the example of Greece

  • ISBN: 9788491439226
  • Editorial: Editorial Tirant lo Blanch
  • Lugar de la edición: Valencia. España
  • Colección: Legal Studies
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Medidas: 22 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 166
  • Idiomas: Español

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1. Introduction
2. National policies and the intents of harmonization to the right of asylum
2.1. Legal fundamentals within a theoretical approach: a call for conformity
2.1.1. Definition of the right of asylum
2.1.2. Depiction of the national and supranational dimension of asylum law
2.1.3. CEAS: Responding to the need to harmonize the concept of asylum
2.2. CEAS’ weak points and the urgent necessity of a solution: A critical approach
2.2.1. CEAS’s inefficiency
2.2.2. Europe’s current situation and existent legislature
2.2.3. In need of immediate extraordinary measures, aspiring to endurance
3. The case of Greece
3.1. Greece as a non-safe State; then versus now
3.1.1. A brief description of Greek legislature until 2011
3.1.2. Refugees’ reception conditions at the time
3.1.3. The detentions of asylum seekers: An ECHR perspective
3.2. From an ECHR sentence to a static situation
3.2.1. The case of M.S.S. v. Belgium and Greece
3.2.2. The obligatory changes in Greek law post-sentence
3.2.3. Non-compliance and its consequences related to reception conditions
4. The Hellenic State’s current critical situation and its effects on Europe
4.1. Greece as a principal European getaway for migrants
4.1.1. The situation in numbers and the necessary extraordinary measures on the migration flows from Syria
4.1.2. Land and Sea Borders, Schengen and FRONTEX, on the verge of the EU-Turkey deal
4.1.3. The dilemma between legitimacy and efficiency during a state of emergency
4.2. The Media’s part and the struggle between awareness and commercialization
4.2.1. The Media’s angle in reference to refugees
4.2.2. The Internet’s de facto institutionalization in the era of the social media
4.2.3. Searching for a limit
5. EU and Turkey Deal: Its meaning and the Aftermath
5.1. The Agreement’s Legal and Social Impact
5.1.1. Changes in the Greek Law After the Deal
5.1.2. Turkey as an Unsafe Third State
5.1.3. The Situation within Turkey and the Coup Attempt
5.2. Post-Agreement Reactions and Conditions.Improvement or Deterioration?
5.2.1. The European Union’s position post-Agreement
5.2.2. Greece After the Deal: Reception and Detention Conditions
5.2.3. Human Rights versus the EU-Turkey Deal
6. Conclusions
7. Bibliography
8. Documentary Sources


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