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Managing the global network corporation

  • ISBN: 9780415297059
  • Lugar de la edición: London. Reino Unido
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Medidas: 25 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 290
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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This text considers the increasing importance of changing structures, organization and management, within multi-national corporations. Table of Contents: Part One: Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in International Networks 1. Dynamics of Knowledge Transfer Across Borders 2. Problems in Managing International Innovation Projects 3. The Management of Joint Venures Within International Business Networks 4. Innovation Goes Global Part Two: Integrative Processes and Socialisation 5. International Competition: How Cognitive Maps Can Hep Top Management 6. Lateral Centralization of Decision Making 7. Business Process Reengineering in Multinational Companies Part Three: Adaptation of STrategy and Firm Evolution 8. After Foreign Market Entry, Then What? Managing the Post-Entry Phase of Foreign Direct Investment Part Four: Network Roles and Competences and Organizational Form 9. Leading-Edge Network Organisations: Leadership, Control and Renewal 10. International Corporations 11. Managing in a Transnational Network: New Management Roles, New Personal Competencies.


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