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Globalisation, economic development and the role of the state

  • ISBN: 9781842771433
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The role of the state continues to be a key debate in economics and development studies. Dr ha-Joon Chang has been one of the leading voices questioning the axiomatic wisdom of what is called the Washington Consensus "free market" view that the role of the state should be minimized. In this collection of essays, he reviews theories and practices of state intervention as they have developed over two centuries of modern capitalism. He develops an institutionalist approach to the role of the state in economic change; and examines the issues involved in particular settings including industrial policy, trade policy, intellectual property rights, regulation and strategies towards transnational corporations. He mounts a theoretical and historical case for the essential role of the state in economic development. INDICE Part I Theoretical backgrounds: theories of state intervention in historical perspective state institutions, and structural change an institutional perspective on the role of the stae. Part II Domestic policy issues: the political economy of industrial policy the economics and politics of regulation public enterprises in developing countries and economic efficiency. Part III Policy issues in the new global context: globalization transnational corporations, and economic development intellectual property rights and economic development-historical lessons and emerging issues institutional foundations for effective design and implementation of selective trade and industrial policies inthe least developed countries - theory and evidence


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