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Global Calvinism

Global Calvinism
conversion and commerce in the Dutch Empire, 1600-1800

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Calvinism went global in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as close to a thousand Dutch Reformed ministers, along with hundreds of lay chaplains, attached themselves to the Dutch East India and West India companies. Across Asia, Africa, and the Americas where the trading companies set up operation, Dutch ministers sought to convert "pagans," "Moors," Jews, and Catholics and to spread the cultural influence of Protestant Christianity. As Dutch ministers labored under the auspices of the trading companies, the missionary project coalesced, sometimes grudgingly but often readily, with empire building and mercantile capitalism. Simultaneously, Calvinism became entangled with societies around the world as encounters with indigenous societies shaped the development of European religious and intellectual history. Though historians have traditionally treated the Protestant and European expansion as unrelated developments, the global reach of Dutch Calvinism offers a unique opportunity to understand the intermingling of a Protestant faith, commerce, and empire.

Calvinism in the Dutch Empire
Christ the Fatherland and the Company
Church and Colonial Society
Conversion in the Empire
Language and Salvation in the Empire
Identity and Otherness in the Republic and the Missions
Global Calvinism and the Pagan Principle
The Early Modern Legacy of Global Calvinism


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