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European capital markets law

European capital markets law

  • ISBN: 9781509942114
  • Editorial: Hart Publishing
  • Lugar de la edición: Oxford. Reino Unido
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Medidas: 24 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 736
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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“The richness, clarity and nuances of the structure and methodology followed by the contributors make the book a very valuable tool for students... seeking to obtain a general understanding of the market and how it is regulated.” – Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera, Banking & Finance Law Review

The fully updated edition of this user-friendly textbook continues to systematise the European law governing capital markets and examines the underlying concepts from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective. The 3rd edition deals with 3 central developments: the project of the capital markets union; sustainable finance; and the further digitalisation of financial instruments and securities markets.

The 1st chapter deals with the foundations of capital markets law in Europe, the 2nd explains the basics, and the 3rd examines the regime on market abuse. Chapter 4 explores the disclosure system and chapter 5 short-selling and high-frequency trading. The role of intermediaries, such as financial analysts, rating agencies, and proxy advisers, is described in chapter 6. Chapter 7 explains compliance and corporate governance in investment firms and chapter 8 illustrates the regulation of benchmarks. Finally, chapter 9 deals with public takeovers.

1 Foundations of Capital Markets Legislature in Europe
§ 1. History (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 2. Concept and Aims of Capital Markets Regulation (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 3. Legislative Powers for Regulating and Harmonising Capital Markets in Europe (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 4. Rule-Making Process (Fabian Walla)
§ 5. Sources of Law and Principles of Interpretation (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 6. Intra- and Interdisciplinarity (Rüdiger Veil)

2 Basics of Capital Markets Law
§ 7. Capital Markets (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 8. Financial Instruments (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 9. Market Participants (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 10. Cryptoassets and DLT Market Infrastructures (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 11. Capital Markets Supervision (Fabian Walla)
§ 12. Sanctions (Rüdiger Veil)

3 Market Abuse
§ 13. Foundations (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 14. Insider Dealing (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 15. Market Manipulation (Rüdiger Veil)

4 Disclosure System
§ 16. Foundations (Hendrik Brinckmann)
§ 17. Prospectus Disclosure (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 18. Periodic Disclosure (Hendrik Brinckmann)
§ 19. Disclosure of Inside Information (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 20. Disclosure of Major Holdings (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 21. Directors' Dealings (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 22. Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights (Rüdiger Veil)

5 Trading Activities
§ 23 Investment Objectives (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 24 Short Sales and Credit Default Swaps (Fabian Walla)
§ 25 Algorithmic Trading and High-Frequency Trading (Marcus Lerch)

6 Intermediaries
§ 26 Financial Analysts (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 27 Rating Agencies (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 28 Proxy Advisors (Rüdiger Veil)

7 Investment Firms
§ 29 Foundations (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 30 Investment Services (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 31 Product Intervention (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 32 Foundations of Compliance (Malte Wundenberg)
§ 33 Compliance Requirements (Malte Wundenberg)
§ 34 Governance (Malte Wundenberg)

8 Regulation of Benchmarks
§ 35 Foundations (Malte Wundenberg)
§ 36 Market Supervision and Organisational Requirements (Malte Wundenberg)

9 Takeover Law
§ 37 Foundations (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 38 Public Takeovers (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 39 Mandatory Bid (Rüdiger Veil)
§ 40 Defence against Takeover Bids (Rüdiger Veil)


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