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Environmental tax studies for the ecological transition

Environmental tax studies for the ecological transition
comparative analysis addressing urban cincentration and increasing transport challenges

  • ISBN: 9788491977018
  • Editorial: Editorial Civitas
  • Lugar de la edición: Madrid. España
  • Colección: Estudios del Programa de Doctorado en Derecho y Economía de CEINDO
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Medidas: 24 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 523
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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Energy Transition and the green economy are considered key issues at the political and legal level all around the world, not only today but for the foreseeable future. The transformations needed to achieve this have just begun, and the technological and behavioral changes this requires is likely to impact most aspects of our day to day lives.
Environmental Tax Studies for the Ecological Transition provides a wide selection of papers presented at the 19th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation under the topic “Environmental Tax Challenges in the 21st Century: Urban Concentration and Increasing Transport”. In particular, in this very timely volume, the articles discuss different aspects of environmental taxes and other economic instruments in the context of the “ecological transition”, a topic of great interest for the scientific community and society as a whole.
The book, divided into five parts, contains a range of original studies written by scholars and professionals working worldwide in the field of environmental taxation. Economic Instruments and Energy Transition, Smart Cities and Urban Perspectives, Air Pollution and the Transport Sector, Energy Taxation and Governance and Challenging Issues are some of the topics addressed in the study.
In short, this book is meant to be a practical and helpful guide for researchers and practitioners interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of environmental issues from a fiscal point of view.

1. Regulating green bonds – Towards climate transition (STEFAN E. WEISHAAR)
2. Taxation as a preventative measure for environmental protection: a design for revenue neutral carbon tax (N. NILAY DAYANÇ KUZEYLI)
4. The role of tax law in the French energy transition (VLADIMIR MARCHENKO)
5. The Way of the Dragon: China’s new emissions trading scheme and the prospect for linking (JOSEPH DELLATTE, SVEN RUDOLPH y ACHIM LERCH)
6. Environmental investment and foreign assistance in SAARC countries: do overseas environmental subsidies improve local environmental problems? (BISHWA RAJ KANDEL y EIJI SAWADA)
7. Study on the relationship between provincial tax rates of EPT and selected parameters in China (CHAZHONG GE, YIDAN ZHANG, FENG LONG y QIJIA YANG)
8. Smart city: the synergy among citizens, authorities and corporations through environmental taxation (VIRGINIA LIST y SIMONE ARIATTI)
9. Efficient tax incentives for better environmental performance: experiences with certificates for sustainable housing (MARÍA AMPARO GRAU RUIZ)
10. Tax measures to encourage environmentally friendly cities from a PIT perspective: a Spanish approach (JOSÉ MARÍA COBOS GÓMEZ)
11. Disposable packaging waste and the polluter pays principle: introduction of a charge for disposable coffee cups (MARÍA DEL CARMEN CÁMARA BARROSO)
12. Plastic and green bag taxes: recent trends in italy (MARINA BISOGNO)
13. Could environmental taxes help tackle plastic pellets leakage? (JOANA PEDROSO)
14. The tax regime of historical gardens in a perspective of cultural and environmental valorisation (CATERINA VERRIGNI)
15. Creative districts and sustainable growth. A tax law perspective (SILVIA GIORGI)
16. Driven by subsidies: government support for the use of fossil fuels in the transport sector in Europe (IPEK GENÇSÜ, MATTHIAS RUNKEL, LAURIE VAN DER BURG, LEAH WORRALL, SHELAGH WHITLEY y FLORIAN ZERZAWY)
17. Italian experiences of local taxation to protect the environment: a comparative analysis (ROBERTA ALFANO y ALESSIA TOMO)
19. The future of tax on motor vehicles in Spain: an environmental perspective (ANTONIO FERNÁNDEZ DE BUJÁN Y ARRANZ)
20. Incentive proposals for electric vehicles in the Spanish tax system (ÁNGEL MORENO INOCENCIO)
21. The lack of tax instruments in energy reform to promote less polluting transport in Mexico city (DIANA GABRIELA PINZÓN ORTIZ)
22. The taxation on non-contaminating vehicles (FRANCISCO JOSÉ CAÑAL GARCÍA)
23. Climate change, international shipping and market-based measures (JUSTO CORTI VARELA)
24. The important role of environmental taxation in renewable energy production and energy consumption in the Spanish and in the British electricity sectors (NURIA ENCINAR ARROYO)
25. Promotion of renewable energy for a sustainable city: taxes on electricity self-consumption in households? (GEMMA PATÓN GARCÍA)
26. Nuclear energy for city transport during the energy transition (MARÍA DE LOS ÁNGELES DÍEZ MORENO)
27. Environmental tax regulations in the light of the “indirect expropriation” doctrine: the threat of state liability (BEGOÑA PÉREZ BERNABEU)
28. Tax exemptions, green and circular economy and local taxes in the urban concentration (CHIARA IACCI y CARLO SONCINI)
29. Tax reliefs for housing and collaborative transportation in relation to climate change goals (JUAN IGNACIO GOROSPE OVIEDO)
30. To partner and protect: the use of tax incentives for biodiversity conservation in South Africa (LEE-ANN STEENKAMP)


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