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Constitutionalism beyond liberalism

Constitutionalism beyond liberalism

  • ISBN: 9781107533073
  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press
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  • Nº Pág.: 364
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Constitutionalism beyond Liberalism bridges the gap between comparative constitutional law and constitutional theory. The volume uses the constitutional experience of countries in the global South - China, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia - to transcend the liberal conceptions of constitutionalism that currently dominate contemporary comparative constitutional discourse. The alternative conceptions examined include political constitutionalism, societal constitutionalism, state-based (Rousseau-ian) conceptions of constitutionalism, and geopolitical conceptions of constitutionalism. Through these examinations, the volume seeks to expand our appreciation of the human possibilities of constitutionalism, exploring constitutionalism not merely as a restriction on the powers of government, but also as a creating collective political and social possibilities in diverse geographical and historical settings.

Combines theoretical and comparative constitutional analysis, putting together two sets of discourses that are usually separate, enabling theory and practice to be mutually enhanced
Theoretically comparative, providing the reader with a better understanding of the possibilities of constitutionalism
Geographically comparative, enabling the reader to see how constitutional theory can transcend national and cultural differences

ntroduction and overview
Part I. Limits of the Structural-Liberal Vision:
1. On the limits of constitutional liberalism: in search of constitutional reflexivity Michael W. Dowdle and Michael A. Wilkinson
2. The reconstitution of postwar Europe: liberal excesses, democratic deficiencies Michael A. Wilkinson
Part II. Functional Symbiosis:
3. Constitutional drift: spontaneous co-evolution of social 'ideas' and legal 'form' Gunther Teubner
4. 'Constitutionalism beyond liberalism' in Indonesian competition regulation: recognizing the constitutional role of dominium Michael W. Dowdle
5. Social intuitions in the shadow of liberal constitutionalism: an Indian perspective Mathew John
Part III. The Political Construction of the State:
6. On constituent power Martin Loughlin
7. Socialist constitutionalism in contemporary China Baogang He
8. Islamic constitutionalism beyond liberalism Clark Lombardi
Part IV. Solidarity:
9. Rousseau's radical constitutionalism and its legacy Marco Goldoni
10. Constitutional trajectory in Malaysia: constitutionalism without consensus? Andrew Harding
11. A sense of grievance and the quest for freedom: South Africa's constitution - the struggle continues Hugh Corder.


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